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Making Yogurt

Yogurt is a protein filled treat that can be made into yogurt cheese (kinda like cream cheese) or used for sour cream substitute.  Because of the beneficial cultures it contains for health and digestion it is one of the must … Continue reading

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The Wonder Oven and How to use it

If I could figure out how to put glowing lights and sparkles around the wonder in Wonder Oven, I so would.  This is by far my favorite cooking tool in my emergency cooking arsenal. It is a fantastic fuel saver … Continue reading

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Food Storage-Milk

I don’t have pleasant childhood memories about powdered milk.  My parents tried that out on us and it didn’t go well.  In powdered milk’s defense we were used to getting milk from a local dairy.  Every week my mom would … Continue reading

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Prepping Buddies

Getting your preparedness stuff together can be daunting and expensive.  Not everyone is at the same point in life, single, young marrieds, family with young kids, divorced with kids, family with older kids, empty-nesters, or widowed.  With every phase of … Continue reading

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Tips for Storing Food in Earthquake Areas

I live in Utah and since as long as I can remember it was understood that someday there would be “the BIG one” meaning a gigantic earthquake.  I have already survived an earthquake (okay, it was the Northridge earthquake and … Continue reading

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Laundry, Laundry, Laundry

Laundry is not my favorite.  It is like an exercise in futility, but for emergency purposes or long term power outages dirty laundry will need to be dealt with. I bought a laundry plunger thingy, soap and already had buckets. … Continue reading

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Food Storage-Eggs

We love eggs at our house! We even had chickens for a little while (a long and winding story). Eggs are a great source of protein, a great binder and emulsifier in baking and just plain yummy.  We wouldn’t want to … Continue reading

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