Guidelines and Setting Goals

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Where to Begin:

If you have yet to start your food storage or emergency preparedness and feel overwhelmed by it, this is for you.  Forget about the long list of possible disasters to prepare for and just focus on one thing at a time setting small goals to move yourself along.

These are the guidelines set out by the LDS Church regarding food storage:

  1. 90-Day supply of food your family regularly eats
  2. Longer-term food storage (1 year or however long you think)
  3. Financial Reserves (3 months +)

Add to that:

  1. 30 days of water (1 gal per person per day)
  2. Alternative cooking sources if no utilities available
  3. 72-hr kit for each family member for evacuation
  4. The ability to keep your family sheltered and warm

If this is too much try making your goals smaller and more manageable, for example:

Larger Goal                                                            Bite-Sized Goal to Start With

  • 90-Day food supply                                         2 week or 30 day food supply
  • 1-year longer term storage                             1 starter kit from LDS Drypack Cannery
  • 30-day water storage                                      wash and fill empty juice bottles with water
  • 72-hr kit for each family member                  acquire a backpack for each family member

Whatever your goal may be make a plan to accomplish it and reach for another goal.  The key is maintaining what you have accomplished.  When you begin your preparations your self reliance will grow and your family will be blessed by it.

It is not important that you do everything right now, but it is necessary that you do something.

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