Prepping Buddies

Getting your preparedness stuff together can be daunting and expensive.  Not everyone is at the same point in life, single, young marrieds, family with young kids, divorced with kids, family with older kids, empty-nesters, or widowed.  With every phase of life comes different financial circumstances as well.  While a young family will have different needs for emergency preparedness than empty-nesters there will always be those basic things that we all commonly need, shelter, water and food.

Here is my suggestion: find a prepping buddy.  Not just any buddy, like a  family member that lives close by or a neighbor who will be there for a while, 2 or 3 widowed ladies who live in close proximity to one another.  A buddy that you are close enough with so that you can supplement each other’s preparations.  One buddy has a solar oven and the other buddy has a camp chef for alternative cooking options.

A couple more scenarios: a young family collects needed food stores while a widowed neighbor has firewood and a wood stove to keep both families warm; one family has long term food storage and another family has a garden with fresh produce and canning equipment; 3 widowed ladies each provide 30 meals enough to feed 3 people and you have a 90 day supply of food complete with good company.

I can see this working well in my neighborhood, but I know there are plenty of places where neighbors aren’t as friendly.  My family has lived in a few different states and it has been a challenge breaking the ice with some neighbors.  If this is your situation try and find opportunities to strike up conversations with your neighbors and casually throw out words like “food storage” and “emergency preparedness” you just might find some common ground . . . .  and a prepping buddy.


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