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Water Storage

This article is meant to be an overview of water storage.  I will create more in-depth articles on filters and storage containers at a later date. My idea of water storage is: Storing for immediate needs The ability to clean … Continue reading

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Food Storage-Beans

I will not bore you with all the great reasons you need beans in your food storage, except that they are a complete protein when combined with a carbohydrate like rice which your body needs.  I will bore you, however, … Continue reading

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Rehydration Mix

Dehydration is a serious concern after a natural disaster due to lack of clean water or diarrhea type illnesses from poor sanitation or forced changes in diet.  A way to combat that is to replace the electrolytes to re-balance the … Continue reading

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The Gift of Survival

                This glorious season of celebrating and gift giving can be a bit of a struggle for me.  Maybe it is because I am very practically minded (to a fault) or because I’ve moved … Continue reading

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