The Gift of Survival

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This glorious season of celebrating and gift giving can be a bit of a struggle for me.  Maybe it is because I am very practically minded (to a fault) or because I’ve moved enough times that I see new “stuff” as just something to either get rid of or pack.  Whatever the reason it is a lot of work to find a balance between useful and enjoyable for the receiver.

Enjoyable may be in the eye of the beholder.  For my oldest daughter’s birthday (she is mother to the cutest red-headed grandkids, ever) I gave her something I’d been working on for her birthday/Christmas gift.  It was 2 tubs full of emergency preparedness stuff which included:

  • 1 wonder oven,
  • 1 rocket stove
  • 1 12-oz emptied soda bottle filled with matches and a strike plate
  • 1 case of Spaghetti-o’s
  • 15 or so mylar packets filled with “just add water” macaroni & cheese
  • 10 or so mylar packets filled with “just add water” flavored hot cereal mixes
  • 1 can Morning Moo’s
  • 1 can chocolate Morning Moo’s
  • 1 bottle of rehydration mix

My daughter isn’t very interested in preparedness and has questioned my sanity on an occasion or two as she witnessed my feverish prepping.  I knew she didn’t have much for her and her little family and I felt this would give them quick foods that the little ones would eat and the ability to cook them with little or no fuel.  I could tell by the mist in her eyes that she knew I loved her and her family so much that I wanted them to survive so we could enjoy each other longer here.  In retrospect it could have been because that wouldn’t be her first choice as a gift.

My sister gave her married kids wonder ovens last year for Christmas and other folks I’ve talked to give similar gifts.  Emergency preparedness is a great practical gift and even if the receiver doesn’t love it now, they will love you for it later if they ever need it.

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