Hygiene Storage


If your house is anything like mine whatever is in view gets used by various members of the household.  I have in the past kept a good amount of hygiene products in stock and have been caught unaware when they have gotten lower than I liked.  To combat this problem of mine I have gathered all of the hygiene items in a tub with a lid (similar to Medical Storage).  This I have found has several advantages:

  • Your stored amounts will stay intact if your family can’t see it 🙂
  • Ideal for evacuation-if you had to quickly gather stuff individually it would be hard to remember everything
  • If your house is damaged from a disaster your stuff has a better chance of remaining clean, intact and therefore useable

Here is a suggested list of what to put in a hygiene tub:

Soap (add knee high nylons to make soap on a rope for showers)
washcloths and towels-put inside plastic bags to keep clean
babywipes for no water cleaning
toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash
hair cleaning products
hairbrushes, combs, hair ties, barrettes and bobbypins
hair scissors
nail clippers and file
razor and shave cream
lotion, moisturizer and chapstick
a small tub to hold water for washing and shaving
feminine products

Also include to create a shower:
shower curtain and rope
small tarp (floor of shower)
camp shower

The big tub can also double as a bathtub for kiddies.

Water Heater

In an emergency situation feeling clean can restore your sense of humanity and well being as well as help prevent illnesses from infection-especially in your teeth.  The hair accessories may seem frivolous but ladies young and old will feel so much better if at least one part of them looks good and little girls will be happily entertained for a while doing each other’s hair.

All of the items in your tub should have a several year shelf life, but rotate them out as often as you like putting them on the shelves for usage and restocking with new.  It also would be a good idea to periodically rewash the towels and washcloths.

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