Medical Storage


A great way to store your medical items is in a plastic tub (similar to the Hygiene Storage post).  They will remain clean and usable and not disappear (out of sight, out of mind).  In the event of an evacuation it can be grabbed quickly and will also stand a better chance of being intact and usable if your home is damaged in a disaster.

Here is a suggested list of Medical items:

cold medicines-Vick’s vapor rub, cough syrup, etc.
pepto bismal
rehydration mix with bottle for preparing and administering

First Aid
band aids in various shapes and sizes
triangular bandages
gauze in different sizes
butterfly bandages
roller bandage in different sizes
superglue (to seal up wounds)
rubbing alcohol
hydrogen peroxide
antibiotic ointment
hydrocortisone ointment
instant warm and cold compresses

thermometer (non-mercury/non glass)
needle and thread for suturing
plastic squirt bottles for irrigating wounds
first aid instruction booklet

Protective Equipment
non latex gloves
antiviral face masks
breathing barrier with one way valve
plastic aprons to prevent spreading disease from contaminated clothing

In addition to this I throw in things like a sling left over from a broken arm and an orthopedic shoe from broken toes, etc.  It is a good place to store them to keep clean and accessible.

Set a annual date to check on your medical and hygiene tubs such as October General Conference, Daylight Savings time change or some other event.  Replace with fresh medication and put those in the cupboard to be used and make sure everything is in good working order.

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