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One thing that would be difficult to go without long term is butter.  I found a blog where a lady did an experiment living off of food storage for a year (her husband pulled the plug after 6 months) and her biggest complaint was not having fresh butter.  Find her interesting story here.

Here are a few options for butter in your food storage.

Butter Powder

Butter Powder

I have found that most butter powder brands have a strong margariney smell and taste.  I did find the Thrive brand butter powder has a much more subtle buttery smell and taste.  I have used it in my bread mix packets and love it.  To make it into a spreadable consistency try this recipe:

Spreadable Powdered Butter
1 Tbs butter powder
1 scant tsp water
1 scant tsp vegetable oil
pinch of salt or sugar

It is a little thin, but if you mix it with beaters and a little shortening (try butter flavor) it will be more spreadable.  It is a passable version of butter.

Canned Butter New Zealand Red Feather 200o

Canned Butter

I have not tried this but it is real butter from New Zealand.  It is available at Emergency Essentials and not exactly cheap.  A 12 oz can is $7.50, has a 2-year shelf life (longer if stored in a cooler environment) and doesn’t need refrigeration while storing but does upon opening.  It would be good for instant butter.

clarified butter

Ghee aka Clarified Butter

This brand is also available at Emergency Essentials.  The only ingredient is butter and has all of the milk solids are removed so it is  more like cooking oil.  It has a 5+ year storage life and needs no refrigeration during storage or after opening.  A 14 oz can is currently $9.50 so it is similar in price to the Red Leaf brand above.

Home Bottled Butter

If you would like to bottle your own butter check out this post by Kellene Bishop (Preparedness Pro).  There is a good bit of controversy on the subject because of some botulism issues, but some folks have been bottling butter for decades and are still alive.

Gossner's Cream

Shelf Stable Whipping Cream

This is our choice for butter storage.  The package has a relatively short shelf life printed on it but I have been assured it will last a good 2+ years.  I had a friend who used a 2-year old package for whipping cream and it was just fine.  The Gossner’s brand is available in Associated Food Stores at .99 cents for an 8 oz carton (I found mine at Wangsgards in Ogden, UT).  Ask your grocer to stock it if you can’t find it.  I also found it at Trader Joe’s for those of you lucky enough to have one close by and it was $1.29 there under a different brand.

I purchased a flat (27 cartons) for my food storage, pulled a carton out for a family home evening and made butter by shaking the cream in a pint bottle.  After trying it my daughter looked at me and said, “we need another flat” it was that good.  It is fresh butter.  It can be purchased in larger containers on line (go here), but I kinda like the smaller container because the chances of having refrigeration when we actually have to use it is slim.

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