How I got here

I am Janis, wife of 1 awesome hardworking husband, mother to 4, grandma to 2 and currently working in my ward as a food storage specialist.  I created this spot because I wanted a place to share what I learned.

Getting Serious
I have always had preparedness in mind-with short and long term food storage on hand; 72 hour kits (okay so they didn’t get rotated very well and the kids may have grown out of clothes in the backpack), and I also gardened a little here or there, but recently I have been so strongly prompted to get our family more prepared that I could do little else until I was “done”.  Other people I have talked to have had similar promptings.  My goal was to have preparations for living day to day without the convenience of utilities and grocery stores for an extended time if necessary.  

I had gathered and prepared and spent most of my husband’s money for several months until I came to a point when I felt super prepared.  When the whirlwind stopped and the dust settled I looked around at all that was prepared and I felt GREAT! except for the fact that the bank account was drained.  I thought that I could over the course of the next several months rebuild the checking and savings account, take inventory and all would be well, but . . .  my husband got a call from work saying he was to be furloughed and we didn’t know when the next paycheck would come.

My daughter also came back in to town and was anxiously awaiting her birthday dinner.  It was time to put my food storage to the test.  I was able to make everything she requested; pulled pork sandwiches, deviled eggs, potato salad,  and yellow cake with chocolate frosting all from what I had stored.   The only thing I was lacking fresh broccoli which I will be growing more of next year to freeze.  I felt I had a good everyday food storage plan that worked well for my family.

I hope what I have learned will help you get a good plan for your family, too.


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