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A good way to use and rotate some of your Long Term Food Storage is by making your own granola.  It traditionally has grains-usually oats, nuts, sweetener and oil.  Here is a good ratio: 3 cups oats 1 cup nuts … Continue reading

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Organizing Food Storage

Of course I have a 90-day food supply, I think . . . . . . . So, you may be great at loading up at case lot sales and have a healthy supply of #10 cans full of a … Continue reading

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Food Storage-Bread Mix

I found an awesome bread mix recipe from Chef Tess Bakeresse (Stephanie Petersen) and loved it so much I packaged it in mylar bags for a food storage, no-grinding, already mixed bread option.  Find her original recipe here.  Her loaves … Continue reading

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Food Storage-Butter

One thing that would be difficult to go without long term is butter.  I found a blog where a lady did an experiment living off of food storage for a year (her husband pulled the plug after 6 months) and … Continue reading

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Medical Storage

A great way to store your medical items is in a plastic tub (similar to the Hygiene Storage post).  They will remain clean and usable and not disappear (out of sight, out of mind).  In the event of an evacuation … Continue reading

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Hygiene Storage

If your house is anything like mine whatever is in view gets used by various members of the household.  I have in the past kept a good amount of hygiene products in stock and have been caught unaware when they … Continue reading

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Water Storage

This article is meant to be an overview of water storage.  I will create more in-depth articles on filters and storage containers at a later date. My idea of water storage is: Storing for immediate needs The ability to clean … Continue reading

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